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One of the commonest comments on the doorstep during this election has been “We need a better range of quality shops in Rayleigh”.

One quality shop in Rayleigh is Rayleigh Hi-Fi . As the Rayleigh Chamber of Trade reported last month:

Rayleigh Hi-Fi Returns to Roots!

Rayleigh Hi-Fi’s long-standing Rayleigh store has now reverted back to specialising in hi-fi rather than hi-fi and audio-visual products. The range of hi-fi stocked and on demonstration is now amongst the very best in the U.K. – and with the experienced, dedicated staff to match!
Rayleigh Hi-Fi’s three other stores continue to stock a selected range of hi-fi and a full audio-visual choice. However, the best hi-fi range and the hi-end selection is on demonstration at Rayleigh. This range includes hi-end products from Chord Electronics, Cyrus, Focal JM Labs? Utopia speakers, Linn, Moon, Naim Audio 500 series, Neat, Rega, Spendor, Sugden Masterclass and Totem etc.

The Custom Installation division is also based at Rayleigh and this team installs multi-room audio and visual systems, often linked with home automation, security systems and whole-house lighting controls, in the most exclusive homes in the Eastern Counties.

We also found this positive comment on a national consumer electronics forum yesterday

I happened to be passing Rayleigh Hi Fi in Rayleigh today and thought I’d pop in to see what was new – along with the store having a fairly large make over (apparently they have gone back to pretty much purely 2 channel stereo-Hurrah!!) the guys there were literally just unboxing their demo Uniti and were quite happy for me to hang around while they hooked it up in the demo room. I was amazed at how easy it was to set up – they had it streaming Flac files off their network within a minute

So can our local councils do more to encourage a better range of shops – including ones with this kind of quality?

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