Mortimer Road To Be Closed Off???

The big application for housing on the Hullbridge / Rawreth borders now has another aspect to consider. The applicants are quite rightly being expected to help fund improvements to the Hullbridge Road / Rawreth Lane junction – and have submitted the below road design. This isn’t definite yet – a planning application cannot determine what happens outside the boundaries of the land concerned. However this what the applicants are proposing.

We are sure that a good roundabout is needed however there are two notable issues with this design:

The first is that it permanently blocks off the junction of Mortimer Road with Hullbridge Road. This means that vehicles could only leave Mortimer Road via Kings Farm or Eastview Drive. The onlineFOCUS team will be talking to residents in Mortimer Road next week to see what they think about this. It would also force a few residents in Hullbridge Road to exit the long way around Mortimer Road

The second point is that there is an extra exit included on the roundabout – straight into the fields of Lubards Farm. Presumably this is intended to provide access for future developments…!

Your views on this would be welcome, especially if you live in Mortimer Road, Ferndale Road, King Farm, Saxon Close, Norman Crescent, Eastview Drive, Fairland Close or Hullbridge Road.

roundabout plan

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  • Yep, exactly , extra junction on the roundabout for even more development on Lubbards Farm – and the roundabout ( like any other road junction ) has a limit to it’s capacity , this will not prevent queuing at this junction if they pour more traffic into it.
    Start the objections now to the extra junction on the roundabout ……

    • Totally agree…it is still a three junction roundabout with the same vehicle priorities can someone explain how this will help the traffic flow. And from a resident of Eastview drive how come my narrow back street will become a rat run to support a ridiculous project which is obviously someone’s idea that was pulled out of a hat!

    • This junction is already very busy and currently cannot manage the traffic passing through it. This will become very dangerous. How about the bridleway being built upon, keeping walkers and horse riders safely away from this busy junction? Why not build a by-pass and allow these little roads to remain just that? The queues of traffic every morning and evening are testament to the roads being over crowded…surely we need a solution not a bigger problem.

  • Much bigger roundabout with the potential of causing more traffic congestion it would be interesting to see what studies/ surveys have been completed on the existing traffic I feel a rounabout of this size will stem the flow of traffic causing more congestion on hullbridge road plus the potential of other roads becoming a rat run if no one is able to get out of Mortimer road .

  • Can admin kindly post this to Rayleigh Action Group FB please? We have 4500+ members who might like to view this. I was telephoned over a year ago to tell me that private assurances had been given to ‘brown field’ site owners that had lost out in the 2007 Core Strategy selection of sites. Development was assured if they kept their heads down for a couple of years. I wonder if this was anywhere near this new construction?

  • Hi, By closeing Mortimer rd it will cause more traffic to use Ferndale rd to gain access to the Hullbridge rd .At the junction of Ferndale rd and the Hullbridge rd there is a blind bend to the right which makes it very difficult to exit Ferndale rd safely .If Mortimer is closed it will lead to a increased risk of road accidents some of which may be fatal given the speed of approaching traffic.

  • So is this another democratic compulsory purchase of the land by our caring RDC council ,plan looks to be a concern for shops in Hambro Parade plus increased traffic in narrow roads like Ferndale Road which has a Nursery School at the affected end which is a safety concern , looks like a developers proposal done on a drawing board without to much homework.

  • Thanks for this advice. I agree that the dead end exit is a rather sinister element to the plan. Surely County Highways should be designing traffic schemes / roundabouts and developers merely being instructed to pay? I assume that will happen in the fullness of time and hopefully the ‘dead end exit’ deleted. I am not a traffic engineer and I would not want to comment on Mortimer Road residents’ requirements, Keep up the good work!

  • Although never admitted by ECC this junction has been problematic for years now ; I suspect this roundabout idea is a “dusted off” version of an unaffordable past idea.
    Clearly opposition to the Countryside proposal for Land North of the London Rd ( and ever increasing existing traffic ) has got this back on the table , but too late to screw Countryside for it, so…….
    The Hullbridge 500 Developer is now being targetted to pay for this ( as a way of ensuring approval of yet another poorly sited large development ) and no doubt the extra spur on the roundabout ( towards Lubbards Farm ) will be phase 3 of over-developing Rayleigh / Hullbridge to save RDC face.
    But let’s face it folks , if the local electorate are too lazy to get off their comfortable seats and object / protest – and vote for a mixed party council
    Chamber , then they will continue to be ignored by a one party Junta.

  • I seem to remember not so long ago the usual suspects moaning about the traffic building up along the Rawreth Lane / Hambro Hill junction. Now we have a possible solution….( including Mr Smart, your much wanted slip road ) but oh dear, it’s actually a possibility now. We all need better roads etc as long as it does not affect me. What a complete bunch of hypocrites…..

  • And ps, for certain people wanting a solution, remember this, if you drive a car then you ARE the problem, just like the rest of us. If you feel that strongly then I am sure you will stop driving and free up space on the road….but that’s not going to happen is it…..

  • Is the Mighty Oz re-emerging here as Tory Boy ( sounds like his tune ) ?.
    The answer is simple , everything has a capacity – an area / it’s infrastructure/
    it’s roads and junctions , so do not add additional loading until you have scaled up the facilities ( capacity ) available . And that is what ‘most’ people are saying -simple to grasp but RDC ( and others ) seem to have missed the point.

  • As a resident on Hullbridge Road with a young family, I am actually an advocate of retaining the existing mini roundabout. Admittedly the junction is a busy one, but one of the benefits for residents who’s houses boarder the road, like mine, is that the congestion slows traffic down (only during peak hours) and thus makes what is a busy road a little bit safer to live on.

  • Have any of the people that post on this site heard the maxim, Facts not Opinions ?. For instance, this from Mr Bood. ” If Mortimer is closed it will lead to a increased risk of road accidents some of which may be fatal given the speed of approaching traffic”
    Can mr Bood tell me where he gets the evidence to support this statement ?

  • A letter / A4 sheet has now been delivered to all residents in this area. Hopefully we can then have a clearer idea of their views . What is and has been obvious for some time is that something needs to be done to improve traffic flow at this junction. Sadly increased traffic like computers are a fact of life in the 21st century. I do not like the way we seem to be forced into things like on line banking for example, dart charge is internet based etc.

  • There is a Zebra Crossing and a Bus Stop on both sides of the approach to the roundabout on Hullbridge Road, if the roundabout is to be expanded would they need to be relocated? and is there suitable locations which preserves the residential amenity?

    • This is the sort of observation from locals I was suggesting in my other post ( which crossed with yours ) – there are lots of issues like this , how are visitors
      to the Hambro Parade shops going to exit the little Slip road ( for example )?.

  • Bruce – given the way RDC have manipulated the Core Plan in general , I would suggest that this ‘come by chance’ indication of what is being considered for the
    junction needs some early study work .
    Your questionnaire is a good start , it will give a local insight to the potential issues; I would suggest the next step is a public meeting ( of the locals ) and a call for expertise . That is perhaps a working group to work up a more formal appraisal ( then maybe even a professional opinion ) such that the community
    is pre-armed to lobby / object and put forward alternatives when this surfaces
    Formally through the planning system.
    Forewarned is forearmed.

  • Jim having gone through this 500+houses with some council members knowing that they did not understand all the core plan and have voted against the people of Rayleigh and a fact that some do not live in Rayleigh what chance is there of getting anything right next time . If you want people in power to do what the community want then elect the right person!

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