More Thoughts On Last Nights Meeting With The Police Commissioner……




Chris Black writes:

Here’s a few more thoughts on last night’s meeting:

  • Essex has the lowest spend on policing per head of population of any county . This has led to a loss of 800 police. Mr Hirst implied that half of the loss (the first 400 officers) was being covered by improved efficiencies and better tech, but the loss of the other 400 was having a real  impact, and the efforts made to prevent people becoming criminals were being parrticcularly undermined.
  •  About 80 Essex officers have been switched to  anti-terrorism work.
  • Another problem from the cuts is that custody centres have been closed. So if police officers arrest someone in Basildon, they have to take them to Southend and join a queue… So those officers are off the street for hours.
  • If you want to report non-urgent crime, do it online rather than over the phone   – it’s quicker.
  • The Hullbridge councillors (District and Parish) rammed home the point about a lack of policing in their village leading to  some serious issues. If Hullbridge doesn’t get better policing after this,  these meetings are pretty pointless.
  • If you have time available and think you are suitable, consider becoming a Special Constable.
  • There is apparently no plan to close Rayleigh station – though it continues to be underused.

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  • You want to hear thoughts and questions about policing in Rayleigh. Never see a policeman/patrol car, so what policing are you referring to? Police station closed too. Lately, there has been so many burglaries (in my road on Thursday) and quite a lot all around Rayleigh. With no street lights from 1am-5am residents are feeling very vulnerable. It is all very well saying it is down to Government cuts, council tax is paid for the privilege of policing isn’t it? Weekends in Rayleigh with the pubs/clubs also causes a nightmare with brawls, broken shop windows etc. I have the utmost respect for police, when the terrorist attacks over the last few months happened, this country couldn’t have been more prouder of our police force.

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