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The website has an update on the construction of the Asda store here

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  • Nothing like being kept awake by the building work at the new asda development.

    Construction continued well into the night last night as they lay the concrete base. At 00:15 we resorted to phoning the project manager who informed us that he had no idea how long the noise of the vibrating machines would go on for, but that we had been notified! When we asked when we had been notified, he could not offer a date, nor estimate the month – we have received nothing since March/April when in a letter we were told that there could be some disturbance.

    Now if memory serves, during the meeting at the Leisure Centre, we were assured that there would be no disturbance past 9pm.

    Living opposite the development, we were left with only a few hours sleep. The company building the new store claim they are “Community Considerate” – I for one, and my partner for two, are now calling them “Comminity Inconsiderate”.

    Next time our inconsiderate neighbours decide to pull an all nighter, we won’t be calling the Project Manager, instead we’ll call the police and file a complaint with the Council.

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