More Illegal Travellers Sites…

Change Use Of Land For Siting Of Caravans For Residential Occupation As a Private Gypsy/Traveller Site Comprising One Static Mobile Home And Three Touring Caravans With HardStanding And Cess Pool (retrospective)

Planning Application

Illegal travellers sites continue to be applied for as 'legal' either through the local Council planning process or via appeal with the government planning inspector. This is the latest application and without an allocated travellers site we would think the Council have no other option other than to approve this application. It will need to find a very good reason if it decides to refuse the application as an appeal would not only cost the Council money but add to further embarrassment in its failure to deliver the allocated site defined in the core strategy.

The District Council has really found itself in a sticky situation with residents and parishes as they all wonder what will they do to stop the continuance of illegal pitches throughout the district.

  • If councils fail to provide, then the only option to to self provide, or, stay roadside and be pushed from pillow to post. All forms of Social accommodation has been put on the back burner for far to long, plenty of private housing being built, the balances are way out of kilter. On the other hand, should we not also spend more time on equality and integration in the 31st century, or has that now been made redundant too. We must stop this blame game and work harder for humanities sake,