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Ashingdon and Canewdon
Tracy Capon (Con) 659
Andrew Vaughan (Green) 361

– Sitting Tory councillor Tracy Capon faced Andrew Vaughan Mr Vaughan stood in 2004 and lost by more than 300 that time (when Labour stood as well)

Barling And Sutton.
Robin Allen (Ind) 271
Richard Amner (Con) 224 – Independent Gain from Tory

This was potentially the most interesting election of the lot. Sitting Tory Councillor Richard Amner (Tory) lost to Robin Allen, who used to be a councillor here.

Downhall and Rawreth .
Ron Oatham (Lib Dem) 857
Roland Adams (Con) 308

Our sitting Lib Dem Councillor Ron Oatham faced Tory Roland Adams. Ron achieved the biggest majority of the night – 549 votes

Foulness and Great Wakering – TORY HOLD WITHOUT A CONTEST
The shock here was that Labour weren’t standing in what used to be a strong area for them. Colin Seagers, the sitting Tory councillor, was re-elected without a contest.

Grange Ward (Rayleigh)
June Lumley (Lib Dem) 722
David Withers (Con) 250

Sitting Lib Dem Councillor June Lumley faced David Withers, who is a Town Councillor here. Despite hints in the local press that the Tories might win this seat, they were hammered. Another great result for the Lumleys.

Hawkwell North. TORY HOLD WITHOUT A CONTEST Lucy Cox is a new Tory candidate who lives in Little Wakering, replacing Maureen Starke who is stepping down. And Lucy is the only candidate here, so she is elected unopposed.

Hawkwell South. TORY HOLD WITHOUT A CONTEST Sitting Tory Councillor Phil Capon is re-elected unopposed. So he had time to help his wife Tracy in Ashingdon?

Hawkwell West
Derek Stainsby (Con) 603
Myra Weir (Lab) 337

Sitting Tory Councillor Derek Stansby faced experienced Labour campaigner Myra Weir. This result was slightly closer than some had expected.

Sitting Tory Councillor Keith Hudson is re-elected unopposed .

Hullbridge .
Lesley Butcher (Con) 928
Robert Green (BNP) 472
Angelina Marriott (Lab) 318
Robin Hume (Green) 155

A four-cornered contest . The Conservatives worked hard to ensure a clear victory here for sitting councillor Lesley Butcher. Very good speeches from the rostrum from Lesley and Angelina Marriott.

Lodge Ward, Rayleigh.
Terry Livings (Con) 455
Paula Hayter (English Democrats) 313
Pat Putt (Lib Dems) 216
Neil Kirsh (Green) 56
Another four cornered contest, and one that the Conservatives were worried about on election day, But the sitting Tory councillor won .

Sue Harper (Con) 970
David Lench (Lab) 442

A straight contest between sitting Tory councillor Sue Harper and David Lench.

Sweyne Park (Rayleigh)
Jackie Dillnutt (Lib Dem ) 426
Peter Savill (Con) 396

The Tories were stunned by this defeat. Sitting councillor Peter Savill was defeated by a very hard-working Liberal Democrat! To use a motor-racing metaphor, the Tories just weren’t looking in their rear-view mirror – they didn’t notice that Jackie was catching them up…

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  • Fantastic results for June and for Jackie and great news for the communities they serve 🙂

    I find it difficult to understand why so many people don’t choose to exercise their right to vote. Many people suffered and died to gain that right and in many countries they still do.

    sedit qui timuit ne non succederet.

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