They Wanted to Build Basements But Found Unstable Ground




There have been several new planning applications in Hullbridge Road.

First of all, planning permission has already been given for 5 houses behind 50 and 56 Hullbridge Road. They houses will be big ones – with between 4 and 7 bedrooms. The applicants have now submitted some changed plans – and there is a new, separate application for each of the 5 houses. They have included the following in their ‘design statement’:

We now wish to omit the basements from all five properties and make minor adjustments to each property. These changes are necessary because when digging began for the first basement, the land was found to be so unstable that the only way to develop successfully would have been to sheet pile around each basement area. Whilst sheet piling is econmically viable, it was felt that the disruption to existing householders caused by vibration and noise would be totally unacceptable. In the circumstances we decided to abandon the idea of basements and in the revised plans some of the lost accomodation is re-accomodated in the roof spaces of plots 1,2 and 3.

In accordance with advice from the planning officer we are now submitting five separate applications for plots 1 to 5 in order that full consultation can be taken on each property separately.

The 5 planning applications are numbers 07/00167/FUL up to 07/00171/FUL.

A typical application is for plot 4 – you can find it here.

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