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The Taxpayers Alliance is a pressure group that campaigns to reduce public spending.

The people who run it seem almost obsessive about this, but they are pretty good at rooting out information, using the Freedom of Information Act. For example, they have prepared a list of all the people in local government – more than a thousand,- who earn over ?100,000 per year. You can download the list here.

Here are the job titles and amounts for South East Essex:

Chief Executive ?178,131 (Made up of Remuneration ?170,743.01 Election Fees ?7,387.60)
Executive Director ?131,148
Executive Director ?126,665

Castle Point
Chief Executive ?145,000


Chief Executive ?107,011 (Made up of Gross salary ?106,893, Car Allowance ?117.64)


Chief Executive ?149,573 (Made up of Salary ?141,383, Election ?7,650, Mileage ?540 )
Chief Officer ?107,354 (Made up of Salary ?105,414, Mileage ?1,940)
Chief Officer ?106,834 (Made up of Salary ?105,414, Mileage ?1,420 )
Chief Officer ?105,479 (Made up of Salary ?105,414, Mileage ?65)
Chief Officer ?105,459 (Made up of Salary ?105,414, Mileage ?45 )

So we can see that Rochford’s Chief Executive is the lowest paid of these four councils, and Basildon’s is the highest – even though Basildon is only a District Council, and Southend is a Unitary.

And what about the County Council? The Taxpayer’s alliance seems to have been defeated here. They say “No Adequate Response – Information Provided Unusable” . However, they did find out that the number of Essex County Council officers earning over ?100,000 per year went up from 12 to 21 in the past 12 months.

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  • Now I can see why my colleagues and I have been offered a somewhat pathetic, way below inflation, pay rise when our Chief Exec and the rest of the management have given themselves a nice inflation busting payrise all in the name of recruitment and retention of management!! Obviously not bothered about R&R of the workers!!

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