Ming Resigns




Phew. That was a bit sudden.

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Ming has gone…

…but after the weekend I have wondered what British politics has come to. I am happy and sad that he has gone, happy because we were not beating the press at their own game or fulfilling the enormous need for celebrity in everything we do. Sad because actually do we need celebrities to run our country or policies? Yes, we need to sell ourselves as a party – but it is our policies we need to sell not the people we choose to lead us. What does the public know about each parties’ policies compared to the leaders’ lives and celebrity status…

I am sorry it has come to this point, but Ming Campbell’s resignation as leader was required if the party was not to suffer a dreadful fate at the next election.

It is clear that Ming himself knew that he could not brazen things out until 2009 and has accepted the inevitable that a new leader is needed to ensure the party makes progress. He should be thanked for showing that wisdom.

According to Sky News Ming has quit as party leader. The announcement was made by Simon Hughes and Vince Cable. Vince takes over as acting leader pending the election of a new leader.

Good news indeed. Ming was always a great foreign affairs spokesman but never made his mark as leader. Let us hope that we can now elect a leader capable of connecting with the electorate without references to things such as the “motor car”!

It?s over: Ming quits

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  • A surreal evening. I was in the Palace of Westminster this evening watching Lembit being interviewed about this.

    I think Ming is a thoroughly decent chap and it’s a shame that in today’s medi-driven soundbite world, good men suffer.

  • Let’s all hope that Kennedy stands – Chris Huhne – good agenda but no charisma, Nick Clegg – unknown and not an experienced enough parliamentarian. Kennedy is a winner, someone the people like and good at getting the message over. Jeremy Browne came over well on Newnight last night but again lacks the experience of parliament.

    Other views?

  • The tragedy of the Labour party over the last few years has been that Charles Kennedy is a Liberal Democrat!

    If Charles had led a Labour Government we wouldn’t be have been involved in Iraq….

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