Michelins Farm




Michelins Farm is the area of land to the north-west of the Fairglen Interchange, just inside Rayleigh’s boundaries. Not much farming goes on there, but it has caused a lot of controversy. For one thing, there was the huge tyre fire in March 2015. Also the District Council has a plan to use the site for a mixture of industrial uses, civic recycling and as a traveller site – though little progress has been made on that!

Now 19 traveler caravans have moved onto the site. The responsibility for dealing with this lies with the landowners and we understand that the District Council is in contact with them….

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  • This country needs to make trespass illegal as they have done in the Republic of Ireland. That way the police can deal with these criminals as soon as they invade land belonging to somebody else. And why the council ( taxpayers ) should have to provide sites for this lot is beyond me.

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