Michael Starke’s Reply – Penalties And Fines Are A Last Resort




The Echo has covered the Fixed Penalties story in today’s paper. As a result Michael Starke, the cabinet member who deals with this subject, has sent Chris the following email, which we publish (with Michael’s permission):

“On the spot” is VERY Much the last resort for the very small “bloody minded” hard core of dissidents. We do after all have 34000 Households and there will inevitably be some. I dont see hardly any way in which the vast majority of fair minded residents need have any concerns.I have discussed this option with many residents recently at road shows and almost “to a person ” ( must be politically correct ! ) they have said that we must retain this ultimate sanction and “good for you”. Sita themselves reckon that if we play the education card correctly by way of warnings and explanations then we may never have to enact the legislation. Let us hope so”

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  • Perhaps Mr Starke would let me know why after having to ‘fight’ to get one of the bins that had not been delivered on time, I’m still waiting for my ‘Information Pack’? Oh, sorry, I forgot I was informed by one of the council staff that it was my fault our addresses were completely wiped off the face of the map, it was down to the fact that the Electoral Roll was holding the incorrect address and, therefore, I needed to get in touch with the that department!!!!! I have a copy of the email for that piece of unhelpful advice. For that person’s information I’ve lived here for eight years have always received my Voter’s Registration Form and Voting Cards addressed correctly and, guess what? I received a Registration Form yesterday and, guess what? it was addressed correctly. What’s the next excuse?

    Before any ‘threats’ are made regarding not presenting the rubbish correctly for collection, like most other Rochford residents, I want to do my bit for recycling and hope this is a success, but after walking round the house with various bits of rubbish not 100% sure as to which bin it should go in, I think some more help is needed. I can deal with the ‘obvious’ but so many other things ‘await disposal’ and I’m just not sure.

  • Hopefully, Michael Starke’s comment will prevail and anyone who makes a mistake will not feel they are being unjustly treated by SITA or RDC. I am sure that we will know about it on this site if this is the case!

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