Love Food, Hate Waste

There’s a new Essex-wide campaign – “Love Food, Hate Waste”. You can find some details on the Rochford District Council website here.

And there’s also a competition , involving creating an original recipe fusing leftovers or long-shelf life products like corned beef.

The winner gets his or her recipe put on the menu at the Cherry Tree in Stambridge – and a free meal for two there as well.

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  • Although it falls outside Rochford District I would like to mention the policy of a Chinese restaurant in Wickford. The restaurant offers a buffet style meal where you can take as much as you like at a very reasonable price. If however you take more food than you need and waste it there is a surcharge and the money is given to charity. I am very much in favour of this approach and it did make me think about how often people will take more than they need and waste it.

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