Local Politician Lifts The Lid On Our Future Communities

Have you started to wonder who exactly will buy all these new builds? Why does Crime seem like it’s on the increase? What can our Council do about our High Street and economic outlook in the District? What is the problem with ‘permitted development’?

Developers can buy up empty retail spaces and turn it into residential without paying a penny towards infrastructure improvements under permitted development rights

A Basildon Councillor gives a full and frank interview here to BBC Essex about all of these issues. Before you stop reading this… think twice. If Basildon manages to sort their own problems, what’s the next stop for gang crime and London Boroughs to rehouse their ‘problems’ – it could be right in YOUR backyard!

Landlords are taking London Borough tenants over local tenants because they receive higher rates of housing allowance – local residents have to look elsewhere for housing

London Councils are shunting criminals, gang members and those pending trial out into Essex without notifying Essex Police or local councils

We’ve witnessed our Council struggle to get to grips with a relatively small issue, travellers, but is it really up to the job of protecting its residents?

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  • Unbelievable to read that London borough tenants are preferred to local people. Surely this is not right. Rayleigh at the moment has its own problems with undesirables, let alone more coming here.

    • When is the time to act? Now, in our opinion. There may not be the will to act but ask yourself where will most of today’s local politicians be in 10 years time?

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