The Local Plan – Up Close & Personal

The Lib Dem team spent a successful Saturday morning getting ‘up close & personal’ in Rayleigh High St, providing information to residents about the Local Plan, Issues & Options consultation.

Many residents were both delighted and enthralled with our ‘pop up’ exhibition and we struggled to keep up with the demand at times. The Lib Dem team, loves getting out and speaking to residents and with the sun shining in the High St, the conditions couldn’t have been better. With so many questions, one thing came up again and again, they hadn’t received or seen a leaflet from the District Council about the local plan. This was very disappointing to hear and yet again, we foresee the response to this consultation is in the single digits (percentage wise).   The District Council isn’t a good communicator, it has focused too much on digital channels and not enough in offline channels. There needs to be a good mix of channels when ‘marketing’ these consultations if you are serious about engagement with your audience.

We’ve produced and delivered over 5000 leaflets across 2 wards, promoted via Twitter and Facebook and held a pop up consultation. All on a relatively small budget. We’re sure the council could do better if they really wanted to!

If you missed us there’s still time to find out more – 19th Feb at the WI Hall in Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh from 3pm to 9pm

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