Linda Kendall To Stand For Parliament As An Independent




We’ve seen on Facebook that Linda Kendall is planning to stand for parliament in Rayleigh and Wickford Constituency as an independent. That certainly makes things more interesting!

It’s difficult to predict how she will do. Constituencies are big areas to cover when you are campaigning.

It will be seen as a blow to UKIP – Linda was a council candidate for them 2 years ago.

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  • This has to be the most unpredictable General Election ever , with Scotland / N Ireland / Wales with their own assemblies ( Scotland trying to go further ) big Cities wanting self determination and now Essex wanting a degree of self management – it
    all reflects the loss of faith in an old fashioned ( biased ) system of Central Government.
    So Linda will get heavy support from West Rayleigh and UKIP might do well in Wickford so a combined dent in MF’s majority is on the cards , will it be enough?,
    probably not – but the message is clear, we’ve had enough of the “main” parties.

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