Lighting for Footpaths

James is trying to gauge public opinion on additional lighting for a section of the bridle way between Victoria Avenue and Priory chase. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below or drop him an email

  • There have been issues over by the bridleway previously with groups/gangs of youths gathering around the current lit areas eg gates, streetlights near the trees, and hanging around drinking, smoking etc and causing a loud nuisance late at night. Smashed glass and silver canisters are often found under the streetlights nearest to the park. I would be concerned even more ‘private’ lights, less visible to the public/passing traffic would attract more trouble from the large number of groups who hang around over there late at night. I can see law abiding people feeling reassured by extra lighting if having to walk through from Priory Chase to Victoria Avenue, but think it could cause trouble maybe into the later evening and night when the troublemakers come out.