Lib Dems Overturn Massive Majority in North Shropshire




Helen Morgan wins North Shropshire by election

Congratulations to our colleagues in North Shropshire were, Helen Morgan, has overturned a massive majority to win the by-election, after the Conservative Owen Paterson, stood down over breaching lobbying rules.

Voters are fed up being taken for granted by the Conservatives, across the country.

In the 2021 local elections in the Rochford District, we heard from many voters how they are fed up with the Conservative’s plans to demolish the Mill Hall and the closure of their community facilities. All so that they can line the pockets of wealthy developers building flats and houses in Rayleigh’s conservation area and funding plush new Council offices in Rochford from some of the proceeds.

Despite an overwhelming objection from the public, the Conservatives have ignored the calls to cancel the project and are plowing on regardless.

In May 2022, we have another opportunity to STOP these disastrous plans, but we can only do that with your help. We need your support in whatever way you can help – please get in touch or consider a small donation.

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