Lib Dem District Councillor Craig Cannell aims to bring back local banking



by Editor // in Rochford


Craig is one of the founding members of Rochford Financial Hub C.I.C. a not for profit organisation (Community Interest Company), which aims to bring access to local banking back to Rochford. All of Rochford and Hockley’s banks having closed has left many people, especially the elderly, without easy access to banking services. Craig said ‘Rochford is one of 9 communities in the country trying to regain some local banking services in this new way’. Their Rochford Financial Centre hopes to open this spring (covid lockdown permitting), at a commercial property in West Street, Rochford. It will have a cash counter for withdrawls and deposits for customers of all the major banks (we used to call them the high street banks!). The Rochford Finance Centre will also have regular visits by staff from the big national banks to discuss financial matters with local customers. The Lib Dems are keen on community projects that help local people, the Rochford Financial Centre will be a great asset to the whole area.

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