Lib Dem Concerns About Care Homes




Liberal Democrats at Essex County Council have raised concerns about whether Conservative plans to scrutinise the quality of care in care homes in the county will be searching or open enough.

Cllr Tom Smith-Hughes, the Lib Dems group leader, has said: “Following serious concerns reported in the media about the care being offered in care homes formerly run by the county council, all the political parties agreed that an urgent review was necessary.

However, we are anxious that the council not only carries out an appropriately thorough review covering all aspects of factors relevant to the care provided in these home, but that the council is seen to do such a review. We are not convinced that the Conservative’s remit for this review will do the job properly; it should, for example, include concerns raised by carers and relatives of residents. We are also unhappy that the public and interested parties will not be allowed in the room where the meeting will be held.”

The review will examine ten care homes sold off by the Conservatives to Excelcare. Essex County Council is Excelcare’s biggest client in the county, with most of the company’s beds occupied by elderly people no longer able to take care of themselves in their own homes.

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