Letting The Grass Grow



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Many would say that the Conservatives have been letting the grass grow under their feet for some years, they have now set to take a formal decision to ‘let the grass grow’ in many of the open spaces across the District.

For residents in Rayleigh, the areas affected where there will be little or no future grass cutting are

  • Rawreth Recreation Ground
  • Rayleigh Leisure Centre
  • Sweyne Park Open Space
  • Ferndale Public Open Space
  • Copford Green
  • John Fisher Recreation Ground
  • Causton Way
  • Fairview Recreation Ground
  • Lower Lambricks Open Space
  • Brooklands Open Space
  • Kingley Wood

To see a map of the areas affected you can click here

The reduction of grass cutting from the Councils services will save them an estimated £100,000 and apparently it’s all in the spirit of nature. For those that can’t afford to pay for golf memberships or 3g pitches, the Councils offering might not seem very attractive at all, as it appears they’ve taken an all-out approach to cut back on even more services.

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  • How is this saving money…. At Rawreth a few weeks ago they had the large tractor but didn’t use it, instead 4 people, one on a ride on and 3 with strimmers spend hours cutting stupid paths in the long grass and trimming. The tractor and one person could have done this in an hour. I hate to imagine how much dog poo is in the long grass. The councils open space manager needs to manage what work is being done and how efficient it is being completed, i.e his job…..

  • Admin, could you also check the status of weed killing for roads and paths? This doesn’t seem to have been done in North Rayleigh for a very long time! Has this been flagged?

  • This is not safe around Rayleigh Leisure Centre as there are lots of regularly placed dips/small trenches in the ground which cannot be seen with the long grass. Plus I thought that that space was supposed to be used for outdoor physical activity?

    Also the small cut paths do not allow for social distancing.

  • Does this mean that the football pitches by Rayleigh Leisure Centre are no longer a thing? I know the lockdowns meant they haven’t been used over the last year or so, but I didn’t realise this would be permanent.

    Is this facility no longer required? There was so much noise about having them there, seems strange that they are quietly being taken away.

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