Last Year’s Allowances To Councillors




The District Council website now shows the size of the allowances paid to each district councillor in the last financial year:

Councillors’ Allowance Claims April 2007 – March 2008
Total (?)
R Allen 3,285
R A Amner 634
P Aves 4,184
C I Black 6,202
R Brown 4,186
L Butcher 6,446
P A Capon 4,906
T J Capon 4,704
M Carter 3,296
J P Cottis 4,999
L Cox 3,838
T G Cutmore 14,413
J Dillnutt 3,713
K A Gibbs 4,135
H Glynn 4,815
T E Goodwin 4,491
K J Gordon 6,874
J E Grey 6,125
S A Harper 4,923
K H Hudson 9,659
A J Humphries 1,034
C A Hungate 114
L Hungate 2,624
T Livings 4,391
C J Lumley 4,135
J R Lumley 6,823
J R Mason 4,666
D Merrick 6,184
J A Mockford 4,859
R A Oatham 4,353
J M Pullen 6,908
P R Robinson 4,548
P K Savill 676
C G Seagers 6,823
S Smith 6,493
D G Stansby 6,982
M Starke 481
M G Starke 7,716
J Thomass 4,640
M J Webster 6,962
P F Webster 7,119
C A Weston 5,247
B Wilkins 6,364
Total 215,970

A few points:

  • Top payment of ?14413 was to the leader of the council, Terry Cutmore (goes up to over ?25,000 this year)
  • The highest figure to a Lib Dem was ?6823 to June Lumley (Chair of the Review Committee)
  • The ‘bog standard’ figure of a basic allowance without claiming any other expenses was ?4135, paid to Chris Lumley.
  • Most of the low figures were paid to people who weren’t councillors for the whole financial year, except for Tony Humphries, who only claimed ?1034. Clearly not a man who’s a councillor for the money!
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