Last Night’s Rawreth Parish Council Meeting




Old School Building

Key points:

  • The Parish Council weren’t happy with how the District Council had handled the Sewage Treatment Works problem.
  • Rev Paul Trathen advised that the old school building had now been sold, the new owners were planning a fee-paying nursery/preschool there.
  • Paul also mentioned the precarious state of church funds in Rawreth, and that the church building may need some structural work done.
  • Rita Coombs suggested that the Parish Council should do a newsletter to residents highlighting the West Area Committee meeting coming to Rawreth on Feb 14th, and this idea was supported by other councillors.
  • Stephen Coombs took his seat as a new co-opted parish councillor.
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  • So pleased to see that the educational usage of the Old School will be retained. Having worked for the School for many years I can only feel this to be welcome news.

    Let’s just hope the new owners do not try and sell off some of the land?

  • Yes, I think this is a good outcome, all things considered. St Nicholas school continues to thrive and improve on its fabulous new site*, and we seem to have achieved a fair sale and future use of the Church Road site.

    *rising school roll, and strong achievements educationally in 2006/07 – 3rd best KS2 SAT results in Essex, if you put much store by such things!?!

  • Oddly enough, Canterbury Close Resident, you got a mention at the meeting!

    Someone mentioned litter and stuff near the sports centre and one or two of them spontaneously mentioned your comments on onlinefocus, and what an active sort of person you seemed to be.

  • Asda delivery lorries arriving early in the morning, now that’s a surprise.
    One of my observations against the planning proposal was that residents living adjacent Asda South Woodham Ferrers suffered the very same thing.
    A couple of years ago, freezer lorries used to arrive at around 6am and sit with freezer plant running until they could unload.
    I am given to understand, from one of those residents, that Chelmsford Council took action against Asda that banned such activity.
    Perhaps Cllr. Coombs could look into this.

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