Kelso Close

There’s been a few issues going on in Kelso Close in Rayleigh, a fairly new residential road in Downhall and Rawreth Ward.

First of all, we’re pleased to report that the road has now been recently adopted by County Highways. This means that they can now sort out the problem of horseriders riding dangerously close to people’s front doors:

Horse in Kelso Close

County Highways have just told us:

Now that it is adopted highway, the issue of horse riding on the footway can be addressed by the maintenance team. In this respect one of the District engineers is liaising with the bridleway team at County Hall as to the appropriate specification for constructing a designated track connecting Kelso Close to Rawreth Lane, and when that has been agreed the project will be passed on to the appropriate contractor for construction.

As mentioned below, we are also trying to get a “no through road” plate added to the streetname plate for Kelso Close.

Finally, there is an ongoing problem of lorries parking without planning permission in an area behind some of the houses at the end of Kelso Close. We are pressing the Planning Enforcement Team to deal with this more effectively.

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