Just What IS The Government Proposing?




From the Telegraph today:

Thousands of new homes are set to be built on the Green Belt in the biggest relaxation to planning protections for 30 years.

A new Government consultation proposes to change strict rules that only allow building on the ribbon of greenfield land around towns and cities which prevents urban sprawl in exceptional circumstances.

Instead councils will be allowed ?to allocate appropriate small-scale sites in the Green Belt specifically for starter homes?, which are designed for young families, the Government said.

The changes, which were published quietly on Monday, are likely to be seized on by developers which have long coveted the protected Green Belt land.


It’s not clear what impact this would have on our district. It depends on what is meant by ‘small-scale’ and how many ‘small-scale’ sites there could be in a locality. One site of 10 or 15 starter games wouldn’t have much of an effect on an area, but a whole cluster would…

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  • As predicted , Government targets not being achieved quickly enough so soften the rules to make it easier for so called ” Planners” to plunder the Green Belt
    restrictions – just watch the vultures ( Developers ) swoop after the upcoming
    revised Local Plan / Allocations document …………..DONE DEAL folks.

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