Jack’s Whirlwind Has Her Fronting A New Sainsbury’s Advert…

Good luck to Southend Blogger Jack Monroe, who will be fronting one of Sainsbury’s TV adverts next month as part of their “Love Your Roast” campaign.

Jack writes on her blog:

I hope my readers are as happy for me as I am. I?m not quite on Jamie Oliver?s salary (in fact I don?t think I?m on 1% of it!!) but I?m happy to be working with the supermarket that I shop at ? rather than any of the others that made ridiculous offers to try to coax me away from the orange and white packaged Basics range.
I?m not going to change ? I call a spade a spade, a battery chicken a battery chicken, and a bargain a bargain, so I hope you all stay with me on the next stage of a fabulously exciting journey.
And re the money side of things, I am donating part of my fee/salary/whatever you call it to food projects both at home and in Africa ? but more on that later! Keen Twitter followers will know I?ve spent the last week having all sorts of jabs for an upcoming trip with Oxfam, and this is why. Because I don?t want to ?take the money and run?. It?s a hard thing to try to explain but having lived for so long with so little, I don?t want to just skip off into the sunset with all of my earnings ? I don?t know what happens next or how long this is all going to last, so while I can, I want to take the opportunity to make sure that I am not the only person to benefit from my ?success? (I don?t really know what else to call it). I think I?ll be in a position to make a difference, no matter how small, and I want to give it a go.
In a years time this whirlwind might all be over, and I want to be able to look back and know that I?ve done something worthwhile, somewhere, and that it was all worth it in some strange karmic way.


Merry Xmas Jack.