It’s Only A Rumour




It’s only a rumour, but we hear there may be a major announcement regarding Asda Rayleigh tomorrow.

Watch this space.

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  • Perhaps they are too announce that they officially do not care about their neighbours well being or mental health – I say this after only 3 hours sleep thanks to a very noisy generator that has been running a temporary cold store in their service yard again!

  • Having spoken to someone in ASDA today (an employee) it would seem that the announcement has something to do with jobs, the employee hadn’t had her meeting yet, so wasn’t 100% sure what it was all about………….. With a parent company like Wallmart behind them, I can’t believe it would be job losses, could it be that they are going to open 24 hours and staff will having amendments to their contracts?

  • Corey – 1) I understand that a complaint about the nosie has been passed to Environmental health at RDC.

    2) Following is on Reuters today (with similar stories on other websites. Not clear yet whether this involves Rayleigh.

    LONDON, Jan 28 (Reuters) – Asda, Britain’s second-biggest grocer, plans to create about 7,000 jobs this year and committed to recruiting up to 3,000 long-term unemployed people for existing vacancies.

    The firm, owned by U.S. group Wal-Mart (WMT.N), the world’s biggest retailer, said on Wednesday it would create 3,700 new jobs by the opening of nine new food stores, five new non-food Asda Living stores and extending 15 existing stores.

    A further 2,000 jobs will be created by expanding its home shopping business, with around 1,000 more through organic growth and 120 in its pharmacies and optical centres.

    In total, Asda will create 580,000 square feet of new store space in 2009, it said in a statement.

  • Hi Chris,

    A complaint was certainly passed to Environmental Health. We initially spoke with Planning to see if there were any restrictions on the generator activity that occured, I have to say that our experience of Planning on this occasion was not a very good one, and the attitude of the person dealing with our enquiry was less than favourable. However, our complaint was passed to EH who called back having spoken to the Deputy Manager at ASDA and informed us that that the generator would be switched off within hours – a 180 degree turnaround from the conversation I had with the Store Manager an hour earlier who told me that the repair to their backup store would occur the following day and therefore would expect that the generator would be on for another night. So thank you Environmental Health!

    I have to say however, that this is not the first time that this type of activity has occured and dare say it won’t be the last. ASDA must be made to realise that this is a residential area and this type of behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated by either resident of RDC.

  • Well I’ve heard that some positions are being made redundant at Asda. Not sure if they will be given other positions within the store.

    One of those positions is someone who collects the trolleys in the car park. He won’t be needed once they get the trolleys that need a pound coin! Every action has its implications.

  • It’s up again now. Here are the details

    Parish: Rayleigh Town Council
    Ward: Downhall And Rawreth
    Officer: Mr Mike Stranks
    Construct Wall to Enclose Service Area Beneath Service Area Canopy
    Grid Reference
    Asda Priory Chase Rayleigh
    Easting 579994 Northing 192549
    Asda Estates Dept
    Asda House
    Great Wilson Street
    West Yorkshire
    LS11 5AP
    Mr Edmund Haley
    Edmund Haley Associates
    10 Glen Road
    LS16 5NJ
    Ward Cllr(s):
    Cllr. C.I. Black
    Cllr.R.A. Oatham

  • I actually heard about the canopy early last year after complaining to ASDA about night time noise, and yet another night without sleep. I was told that they had planned on putting large doors across the existing canopy area. This would aid in cutting down light pollution and cut down on night time noise. If this is the case, then I and my family welcome it.

  • Sorry to be cynical Corey but the wording of the application seems to suggest a solid wall. Could this mean by doing this they will be increasing the internal floor area of the store! With no access by lorries to below the canopy, they will stand closer to the road in the service yard. Only a view of the plans will determine the true situation.
    Admin, do you have any further information?

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