It’s A Good Thing Rudolf Has A Red Nose, Otherwise Santa Might Get Lost…




The County Council are giving themselves a little pat on the back for dealing with potholes (although if you look at the data actually in Rochford things have got slightly worse).

Meanwhile we are getting more complaints about failed streetlights. Typically residents have already reported them to the County Council, but they still aren’t fixed. Here’s some info from the latest map on the County Council website. Yellow circles? are lights that stay on all night, green are lights that are working, brown are lights with known problems. That is a lot of brown!
streetlight problems

streetlight problems2


If you have reported a faulty streetlight recently, we would be interested to know – and to know whether its been fixed yet.

hulbridge road

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    • Apologies Alistir, the maps weren’t meant to cover the whole district, just give a broad sweep indication of the problem! But I’ll be publishing maps for Battlesbridge, Hullbridge and Wakering tonight…

  • One of the most dangerous i have seen and one which has caused consternation with residents is the street lighting on Warners Bridge, Rochford. There have been times when these lights were on over recent months, but most of the time during recent months they have been out. As Dan Irlam and his Lib Dem campaign team found during the recent by-election, it can be real danger black spot (literally!).The road climbs and bends over the railway bridge, but there is the narrowest of pavements for pedestrians. This is the main route for people coming from the nearby airport station to the Anne Boleyn estate area. This problem has been going on for months. it is difficult to see why this is not being treated as an emergency job by county.

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