Is Hullbridge Best?




Or to be more precise, does Hullbridge have the best Parish Council website in the District?

It seems to be the most frequently updated (for example , one page was updated today.) They have the agenda for the next council meeting, minutes of previous meetings and the phone numbers and addresses of all parish councillors.

It’s a bit lacking on ‘local interest’ stuff , but if you surf the web and live in Hullbridge, this site should be in your “favourites”….

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  • It’s a very good website indeed.

    I hope that Rayleigh Town Council’s website will become equally as good; it appears to be in its infancy at present.

    The staff at the council office are very helpful and there is also much information to be gained at the library and public noticeboards. However, it would be very helpful if the website were a source of up to date information as well.

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