Is Chris going to stand for Parliament? No.



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There was a slightly odd piece in the Evening Echo suggesting that Chris might be standing for the County Council or even for Parliament. As it happens, the LIb Dems haven’t yet selected any candidates yet. Meanwhile Chris would like to respond as follows:

The idea of me being an MP is a joke. I love talking to people on the doorstep, I enjoy discussing things in the council chamber, but I’d be absolutely hopeless in the House of Commons. My main ‘political ambition’ is to carry on as a District councillor for as long as people want me.

As for the County Council – At the end of the month the Lib Dems will have a meeting to decide who our County Council candidates will be. Then things will become clearer.

It’s interesting that the Conservatives seem quite jittery about the possibility of me standing for the County Council.

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