Inspector Refuses Application in Harper Way, Rayleigh




Quite often planning officers recommend approval of schemes for new flats. Then councillors go against the officer’s advice, and refuse the scheme. Then the developer can go to appeal, and hope to get permission from the planning inspector.

We’ve heard today about a case where the inspector has sided with the councillors, and the schemes been refused. This one was in Harper Way (opposite the Hungry Horse Pub), and was simply to sub-divid an existing plot and ADD a couple of flats.

One of the Lib Dem ward councillors , Chris Lumley, moved refusal at the planning meeting and took the trouble to go to the planning appeal and speak. His conscientiousness seems to have paid off.

Important bits from the Inspector’s letter:

5. … the position of the proposed flats, relative to the general form of built development around the junction of Downhall and London Roads is such that the new building would have a harmful and intrusive effect on the character and appearance of the area.

I also consider that the additional noise and disturbance arising from the car parking arrangements associated with the additional households would have a harmful effect on the living conditions of the occupiers of 2 Harper Way.

Appeal Ref: APP/B1550/A/07/2034686

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  • It is only a small start but there has been a few instances recently where both our planners/councillors and the inspectors have looked sensitively at these type of applications and refused them. It is just a shame that some of the monsters that are now being built were not given the same sort of examination, however it is still some way to demonstrating to the developers that it will take more than just an appeal to push through their plans, which are normally about the bottom line, how much money they can make!

  • “I don’t believe it” I have just had the Conservative party newsletter put through my letterbox and I am flabbergasted (my gast is flabbered) regarding the reduction of housing to be built in Rayleigh. It basically says that it was the Conservative Group who decided that the amount of housing allocated for Rayleigh should be reduced to make it fairer. Well if it had not been for the campaigning of very concerned residents and the local Liberal Party we would still have had 1,800 houses being built in our town. The piece ends thus “It is a pity the Liberal Group could not have been more constructive” This was written by Joan Mockford who puts the amount of houses to be built in Rochford District as 3,800 the figure was actually 4,600. This figure was also incorrectly put into a letter to the Echo by a Conservative councillor.

    I would ask the local Conservative Group to be careful of the facts that go into their newsletters.

  • Well said Mike.

    Ever since May the Conservatives have been forced to listen to public opinion – not because of any change in their outlook, but because of Jackie’s victory, and their fear that they could lose more seats in May.

    That’s what democracy is about – holding those in power to account for their actions…

  • Well Chris, these statements are blatently misleading and when residents, who do not know what has transpired over the last seven months get to read them, they will believe the Tories are whiter than white when in truth the ‘dark side’ would be more in keeping. Mrs Mockford should know better than to put these statements in the newsletter. It probably stems, as you rightly state, that after Jackies victory there are many Tory councillors looking over their shoulders and not a few who have very different views than their senior colleagues! The bit about the Grange Community Centre also takes some examination, it’s not really the way I view what transpired there either.

    Maybe before their next newsletter is sent out it should be proof read for reality?

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