Infrastructure For New Homes Pledged




We have always realised the importance of delivering infrastructure for any new housing and it is something we’ve always campaigned on.

onlineFOCUS readers will be reassured to know that this aligns with the National party policy.

The Liberal Democrats intend to reform planning law to require developers to provide essential local infrastructure alongside new homes

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  • Interestingly the Institute of Fiscal Studies has done
    an analysis of each Party Manifesto and produced
    graph’s forecasting ‘Public Money’ spending. The
    Liberal curve is midway between the minimal spend
    of the Conservatives and the steep ( unaffordable )
    curve of the Labour proposals.
    I think most people would prefer to see a middle ground Government , not the extreme right and left
    of the existing main two parties. However the LibDem stance on Brexit has probably alienated half
    the electorate so we will probably be stuck with the
    Conservative ongoing austerity on Infrastructure.

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