In support of Asda

We have received the following anonymous letter. As this person had taken the trouble to write, we thought we’d post on the website….

” Dear Mr Black, Mr Oatham and Mr Smart,

I have just received your Focus through the door. If everyone was so concerned about the traffic in Rawreth Lane, why the goodness did you build more houses? Most families now have two or three cars.The doctors surgery was built long ago. What happened?
Why make Macro bigger, its no use to anyone unless they are in business, Asda is needed. Are you all forgetting the oldies (like Mr Blair does?)

Since the diamond bus has been replaced by the number 35 there is nowhere to put trolleys or pushchairs. The diamond bus platform would come down for easy access. We elderly find it hard to struggle on and off the 35 bus and also the 20. So to have an Asda store nearby , we could just take our trolleys for a walk, Not everyone has cars.

People who have to walk or have to catch a bus are being overlooked. Even the leisure centre doesn’t have anything for old age pensioners.

A very unhappy OAP”

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