If Your Comment Doesn’t Appear….



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One of the problems of running a website like this is that you get a huge number of spam comments sent to you. We get about 1500 every week, all with links to dodgy websites of one type or another.

We use a piece of software called “Akismet” to filter out these spam messages. If a comment has been sent to hundreds of other websites already, or is very long , or has lots of links, or includes some particular words, then “Akismet” sends it into a folder to be ignored – there’s about 3000 comments in there at the moment.

Now, once in a while, Akismet gets it wrong, and filters out a genuine comment. This has happened a couple of times this week. Once we spotted it ourselves, the other time the writer sent us an email asking what had happened.

If you send us a comment , and it doesn’t appear when you think it should, please send us an email and we wil go looking for it.

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