If You Really Enjoy Looking At Facts About The District




… here’s a document we should have mentioned months ago. It’s called the Annual Monitoring Report For 2005-2006 and you can download it here. (But be warned, it’s got 135 pages!)

There’s a whole load of stuff about planning, housing , population etc for our district.

For example, it tells you :

  • how many 1-bedroomed, 2-bedroomed , 3 -bederoomed and 4+ bedroomed dwellings were built in the district in 2005-2006.
  • details on every planning permission granted in our Green Belt in 2005-2006
  • what are the three Sites of Special Scientific Interest in our district
  • the percentage of people living in each council ward under the age of 16
  • It’s stuff for real council geeks….

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  • Chris, The above statement regarding figures of houses built in the District for 2005/2006, I assume that these figures are only up to March 2006 as per Shaun Scrutton’s statement that housing figures are released every December but only include new builds up to March of that year.

  • Chris, I would be interested to know if this was just a simple omission in qualifying what date these new housing numbers are up to or have the Planning and Transportation Department got their act together and can actually provide meaningful, up to date data on new builds within the district. If anyone reading this knows, I would be very interested to hear which of the above is the answer.

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