If The Leader Becomes Stronger, Do All The Other Councillors Become Weaker?




There’s some important stuff coming up at next Thursday’s Full Council. It’s about changes to the structure of the council. We will put some more details or links here later on , but the headline items are:

  • The Area Committees will meet 4 times a year instead of 7 (with the possibility of special meetings for special items)
  • The Leader of the Council (currently Terry Cutmore) will be appointed for a 4 year term (like the US President) , and can only be replaced if he leaves the council or suffers a vote of no confidence.
  • The Leader will appoint a Cabinet of 8 councillors (so he picks his team, not Full Council). This will be a real cabinet, with each councillor having a specific responsibility.
  • Chairmen of the Area Committees will no longer be in the cabinet, but would be able to report to the Cabinet on what happened at their meetings.
  • Ordinary councillors would still be unable to speak at Cabinet meetings.
  • This is called a “Stronger Leadership Model”. It will give a lot more power and influence to the Leader of the Council.

    It will reduce the influence of ordinary backbench Conservatives. It won’t help their morale and motivation either.

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