How Was Halloween For You?

Chris Black writes:

From the comments I’ve had with people, Halloween seems to have been a bit quieter than in previous years – maybe because it was a Sunday night.

I’d be interested to know from onlinefocus readers if it was quiet in your street

  • Not a big fan of the American imported Halloween, but when you’ve got young kids you don’t get much choice. Had just about enough sweets to cover all visitors, mostly little-ones the same age as my kids. No more visitors after 8:30pm, so worked out quite nicely.

  • I went out for an hour or so with my daughter (4) and nephew. We only knocked on houses that had decoration or a pumpkin outside/in the window. I think that is what most people were doing. We were back home by 7, and had people knocking ’til about 8. Was very pleased with how people treated it, and how welcoming people were.

  • We had loads of little kids knocking between 6 – 7ish but all, without exception, were very polite and had mum and dad in tow, thankfully no teenage greboes about the place making problems.