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There are lots of reasons to join the Liberal Democrats (introduction to the party here). Some people join because they want to stand up for our values, of openness, tolerance and unity. Some because they want to help us win elections. Others so they can stand for election and stand up for their community.

Joining the Liberal Democrats will let you do all that – and much more besides. As a member, you’ll have the power to change things and all our members, from party leader Jo Swinson right down to our newest member, get the same equal vote in our policy and decision making. You’ll also get a vote in our next party leadership election.

Membership starts at £12 a year, but the party hopes that you might consider donating a little more. The recommended amount (as decided by members like you at our conference) is £72. There are concessionary rates too: students can join for £1 for their first two years of membership and if you’re under 26 or are entitled to receive state benefits (other than the state pension or child benefit) then membership starts from just £6 a year.

You can join the Liberal Democrats quickly, easily and safely online here.

If you would prefer to join the Liberal Democrats via the post, here is a pdf of the Lib Dem membership form which you can print off, fill in and post back.

Not quite ready to join yet? You can sign up as a registered supporter instead.

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