How To Build A Charming House




As we mentioned yesterday , architectural details are sometimes imprtant when the District Council is considering planning applications.

But how can you create new homes that are charming rather than ugly? Here’s a few thoughts from an American website.

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  • Speaking of charming versus ugly buildings, we went on the guided history tour around Rayleigh and the mount this afternoon. There were 28 people starting off from the windmill and invading the High Street! It was terrific and even the children were interested in the jumble of architecture. Well done to our friendly neighbourhood National Trust guide Steve for an enlightening and interesting couple of hours. We thoroughly recommend it.

    Latine loqui coactus sum

  • The tour was so crammed full of information that it’s difficult to single anything out. The windmill has of course been beautifully restored, the sensory garden is superlative and there are little pockets of history up and down the High Street and it’s environs. The town has a lot to commend it and I hope that the Rayleigh conservation plan helps to prevent any architectural eyesores being constructed. Steve was a mine of information about many of the buildings and monuments and we finished off with a climb to the top of the mount.


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