Housing Transfer Booklet is Out




Front Cover of Booklet

The District Council is proceeding with its efforts to transfer its entire housing stock over to a housing association. It’s now produced a 16 page booklet called “The Pocket Guide to Housing Transfer- the 50 Most-Asked Questions”.

The first question is “Why Change at All? Why not keep the things the way they are? and the answer is:

The Council has always made every effort to provide a good housing service in the district . It believes that tenants deserve – and have a right to expect – homes that have full central heating, insulation, modern kitchens and bathrooms, and good wiring.

The Council also knows that many tenants are keen to see improvements in the security of their home, environmental improvements and car parking facilities where possible.
Current estimates show that to bring improvements to their homes and keep them to good modern standards could cost at least ?35 million over the next 10 years, and maybe as much as ?40 million.

The Council believes that it will only have around ?16 million available for this kind of work (called capital spending). This leaves a gap of at least ?19 million , and maybe as much as ?24 million.

Furthermore, there is a lack of affordable housing for local people in Rochford District , which a transfer could help to solve.

So, after careful consideration, the Council believes that transferring the properties to a not-for-profit housing provider is the only way that will raise the necessary money to:

  • Bring all homes up to modern standards;
  • Do the environmental and security work that tenants have asked for;
  • Improve existing services; and
  • Enable the Council to fund new homes for loccal people
  • That is why the Council is asking tenants to consider the possibility of transfer.

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