Housing for Lubbards Farm?

Some residents may have seen this ‘brochure’ (http://bit.ly/2Z0iJOF) which at this stage is purely speculative. The land has not been released from the greenbelt for building housing and is not in the new local plan as yet (it’s closely guarded). We will be looking at this further in due course.

  • It seems to be the new trend from potential Developers , a sort of ‘mind grooming” to
    imbed the concept; and (perhaps) influence
    the ‘preferred options’ chosen by RDC from
    the Call for Sites procedure. This is the second
    I know of in Rayleigh ( a Great Wheatley site is
    the other ), others are emerging elsewhere too.

    The presentation is deliberately designed to
    create the impression that the development
    is fact ( but actually the fake news concept ).

    Needs to be exposed and it will be interesting
    if they are now actually chosen by RDC at the
    next phase of the ‘New’ Local Plan ?