Housing and green areas for Pond Chase Nurseries?




The owners of Pond Chase Nurseries in Folly Lane Hockley have sent out a brochure to councillors that suggests using some of their land for housing.

To be precise , their scheme would consist of:

About 4 1/2 acres (1.8 hectares) being used for about 72 houses.
About 5 1/2 acres (2.3 hectares) being used for a play area with public open space, and an area for nature conservation.

This doesn’t mean there will be an immediate planning application, instead the landowners will probably try to get the 4 1/2 acres changed from Green Belt to Residential, and then apply.

Presumably it means there wouldn’t be any industrial uses here, even though the owners recently received planning permission for some.

This would be as part of the Council’s Core Strategy, which involves about 4,600 new homes being built in the district. If the council has to allow housing somewhere, should some of it be here?

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