Hockley Woods for Housing?

This piece in the Rayleigh Times, seems to indicate that Hockley Woods could be under threat and become housing. It’s not the only woodland that we’ve heard that is under threat as woodland areas in Castlepoint has been the heavily objected to by residents in that District.

  • Hockley Woods is not on the list of potential sites submitted, and the text on the Council’s webpage stresses many of the sites won’t be suitable. Just looks like poor journalism, regurgitated from an Echo article a couple of weeks ago to scaremonger.

    • Strange that Cllr Roe is quoted in the Rayleigh Times as saying “I really hope they don’t build on Hockley Woods…” – if she doesn’t know the site isn’t in the spatial options that how on earth can anyone have any faith in what the Conservatives say?