Hockley Road Planning Application Refused




The District Council refused planning permission tonight for 20 2-bedroom flats at 36 Hockley Road,Rayleigh
This was a difficult application for most councillors to decide on Residents in Millfield Close were strongly against because all the traffic would come through their close. (Perhaps it would need to be renamed Millfield Link Road). Most councillors felt the density was too high, but there’s a very big chance that a planning inspector would think it was OK.

Councillor James Grey got the biggest cheer from the public gallery when he said he wished the road access was from Hockley Road instead.

Anyway, in the end ward councillor Mavis Webster moved refusal on the grounds of density and loss of amenity for residents of Millfield Close, and she won the vote 17-6. Chris and Ron were two of the 17.

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