His Reason For Not Voting




Yesterday afternoon was warm and sunny – good weather for canvassing, because people always seem more willing to talk in good weather.

One of us met up with a one fit and healthy looking gent who seemed about 65 years of age. He was just wearing a vest on top and probably sunbathing in the garden . “Oh, he said, I’m too old to worry about the state of the country, I won’t be voting”.

“Ah,” said the Lib Dem canvasser, ” you can’t be older than Ming Campbell , you should still vote”

“Well” the chap said “Unless he’s 78, I am older than him”, and he very cheerfully said goodbye.

But if you have the chance to vote this year, please do so!

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  • In my opinion,here really is no excuse for not voting.

    If the gentleman in question believes that he is too old to worry about the state of the country, does he believe that he should also give up his right to vote as he is “too old”? No-one is too old to vote and no-one should be too old to care. I value the contribution that retired folks make to our nation and I value the sacrifice that many of them made so that we remain a free country.

    Having the right to vote is not available to millions of people in this world and we should not take it for granted. Many people lose their lives every year fighting for the democratic right to be heard – a right that should be valued.

    Dum excusare credis, accusas

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