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It’s not easy to find the correct link for commenting on the key housing allocation policy, but if you go the link below you can see previous comments.

This shows you the previous comments on this policy (mostly on 300 homes for Hawkwell)

Then Click on some writing in green:

“Representations on Core Strategy Preferred Options (Revised October
2008) – H2 General Locations and Phasing – Preferred Option”

That takes you to the details on policy h2, then click on the pencil symbol to leave comments…

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  • I didn’t find this at all obvious. Following this link, you still have to click on the document title and then select the response symbol to register your comments. And you’re advised you can only use 100 words – though some people seem to use many more than that.

  • Yes, sorry Sid, I’ve updated the post and tried to explain a bit better…

    You can leave more than 100 words – but then it asks you to make a 100-word summary if you use more than that.

  • Ali/Sid – a suggestion, if I may.

    In my personal view, a number of short (i.e. under 100 words) objections is likely to have more impact than one long one. Break your complaints down and enter them seperately.

    Happy objecting!

  • Just had a nightmare lost all my submissions after I pressed draft its dissappeared into the ether ! cannot find it anywhere . Have to do it all again tommorrow ! I do not think it is the easiest link to use .Not surprising not many responses do not think many people will have the patience .

  • I am glad I wasn’t the only one who struggled to manage to get on to the correct part of the site to object.
    Please stick with it though everyone, it is so important they hear our views – even if they don’t make it easy for us!!
    Hawkwell seem to have got their act together, there are tonnes of objections from that part of the district so we really need to make our voices heard too.

  • Somehow I think RDC do not want us to leave comments. I have to use websites everyday in my job, however I have not come across a website as complicated as this, who would like like public comments. Not sure I actually registered my comments today so will try again tomorrow! I hope the end result of the consultation does not rest on the comments on this website. The residents should have the opportunity to decide what happens in our district. For something so important to our way of life, we should have that right, not the district council who feel they are better at judging what is Right For Us! We need more democracy in our lives. I for one do not want to to delegate what is right for me or my children, who love Rayleigh.

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