Hawkwell, Hockley and Hullbridge – Where Are Landowners Suggesting New Housing?

As we explained in an earlier post, the District Council has just produced a list of sites that landowners and developers have suggested could be used for development.

To be clear – this is a list of sites suggested by landowners and developers. At the moment these sites do NOT have any definite council support. It’s also possible that landowners will come forward later on with other sites

A District Council sub-committtee will be looking at these sites. It consists of 5 Conservatives and Chris Black. To protect Chris’ impartiality we are NOT going to discuss whether these sites are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but simply try to explain where they are.

You can see a map on John Mason’s site here. We understand that it will be on the council website soon.

We’ve now looked at the sites that have been suggested for residential use in Hawkwell, Hockley and Hullbridge. This is a list we have prepared: (By the way, 1 hectare is about 2 1/2 acres)


Off Folly Lane ? 0.8 acres
Off Magnolia Road, 5 acres
Off Beckney Avenue 0.3 acres
Pear Tree, New Park Road Hockley (very small)
Greensward Lane, 3.2 Hectares
Greensward Lane at junction of Trinity Wood Road 0.3 hectares
Land adjoining Marylands Ave, Merryfields Ave, Brackendale Close and Plumberow Avenue 1.2 Hectares
La Vallee Farm 3.3 Hectares
Church Road 0.2 Hectares
Greenacres, Victor Gardens, Hockley 2.3 Hectares
57 High Road 1.5 Hectares
Pond Chase Nurseries 1. 8 hectare previously developed land, plus 2.2 hectares
Folly Chase 8.8 hectares
South of Mount Bovers Lane 22 hectares
Land near Greensward lane (?residential, willing to negotiate for non-residential?) 14 acres
Hambro Hill Rayleigh ? (just inside the Hockley Parish boundary?) 3.5 hectares
155 Greensward Lane ? 5 acres
Plumberow Avenue 0.2 hectares
South East of Hockley Station ? 0.5 hectares


35-39 Crouch Avenue (very small)
Highlands Farm Hullbridge 2.8 hectares
SE of Hullbridge Road/Lower Road junction (?preferably residential?) 5.8 acres
Land at Tower Farm Lower Road 6.5 acres
Lords Golf Course, Hullbridge Road 21.4 hectares
Malyons Land and West Avenue 6.8 hectares


Off Thorpe Road (residential but ?open to discussion?) 11 hectares
South of Ironwell Lane 0.3 Hectares
East of Clements Hall Sports Centre (?residential or mixed use?) 14.6 hectares
Magees Nursery, Windsor Gardens 3.1 hectares

By our reckoning, landowners are suggesting housing on 61 hectares in Hockley, 36 hectares in Hullbridge and 29 hectares in Hawkwell. (if you spot a mistake in our figures please let us know!)

If you assume that housing sites would have between 30-50 homes per hectare, and also assume that every proposed site is built on, this would allow:

1830- 3050 homes in Hockley
1080- 1800 homes in Hullbridge
870- 1450 homes in Hawkwell

However the District Council so far is suggesting only 400 homes for Hockley and Hawkwell combined, and only 500 homes for Hullbridge, Canewdon and Great Wakering combined.

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  • You said if you spot a mistake in our figures please let us know!

    Yes, a mistake. Knowing my Ward very well could I point out that Mount Bovers Lane and Victor Gardens are in Hawkwell West and not Hockley.

    Revised figures are: Hawkwell – 53.3 hectares ALL in ONE SINGLE ward
    Hawkwell West = 1599 to 2665 houses !!

    Hockley – 36.7 hectares = 1101 to 1835 houses

    Hullbridge – 36 hectares = 1080 to 1800 houses (unchanged)

    Councillor John Mason
    Rochford Residents
    Representing Hawkwell West

  • Seriously though folks , you can huff and puff as much as you like but the Government is hell bent on joining up Outer London with the East Coast via tens of thousands of house building – without any meaningful support Infrastructures.
    Councils are starved of central funding so have to chase the ‘new homes bonus’ and subsequent Council Tax income
    in order to survive and are therefore policy compliant and toe the party line in all respects.
    We are , I’m afraid, doomed to over-development in this area , the warning signs are already apparent in the form of
    daily grid-locked roads and junctions , a disappearing Police Force , over stretched Hospitals – yet people still don’t turn out to vote or meaningfully engage in local issues…..fact.

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