Hambro Traffic Lights Update




If you’ve been experiencing extended delays at the temporary traffic lights, James has an update for you

Much of the extended delay at the temporary traffic lights on Hambro Hill/Hullbridge Rd is due to drivers jumping the red traffic lights. This messes up the sequencing. Essex Police have advised the following..If possible help us to get details of the offending vehicles concerned put through to the police, (Extra Eyes – how you can help – SERP (saferessexroads.org)) and it may assist if the community also lodge the problem with ECC highways who I believe authorise and risk assess roadwork locations – Tell us – Essex County Council (essexhighways.org) , however the page also states……. ‘If you think there’ a risk to public safety, do not report it online, please call us immediately on 0345 603 7631 or if you have hearing problems you can use our text phone service on 0345 758 5592.’

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