GP Shortage- What we found out




When two people from the Primary Care Trust came to visit the District Council (at our request) we found out a lot:

There are four more GPs in our district than a year ago. However, the number of patients per GP has hardly changed – because, strangely, the number of patients has shot up.

The Primary Care Trust seems to have lost interest in the site at Read’s Nursery – they seem to think it is too small.

The good news seems to be that they are considering having a substantial medical facility on the Park School site. Not only would it hopefully have a GP’s practise there, there would probably be a satellite clinic of Southend Hospital there, to serve Rayleigh and Hockley for tests etc.

They have had a “workshop” (we think that means “meeting”) of medical people at Hanover Golf Club in Hullbridge Road to discuss this. They are going to have another one in November and Ron and Chris have wangled themselves invitations to go. It seems that the Primary Care Trust are quite keen on doing something at the Park School Site, they only drawback is that it is a bit away from the centre of things.

Things are still disturbingly vague. No decisions have been made yet , and it seems that Rayleigh is behind Canvey in the queue to get anything. We aren’t impressed that although the District Council were invited to the first “workshop” at Hanover Golf Club, nobody seems to have gone. We aren’t impressed either that we had to drag two ladies from the Primary Care Trust to a council meeting actually to get this information.

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