Government Commission Proposes New Ward Boundaries !




The 13 proposed district wards
The 13 proposed district wards (click on image to enlarge)

The Local Government Boundary Commission has proposed new council ward boundaries for our district. This follows proposals put forward by the District Council earlier this year.

You can find the details here

This is what they are proposing for the west of our district (West Rayleigh and Rawreth)

1) There would be 39 district councillors for the entire council, representing 13 wards, with three councillors per ward. In the west of our District there would be two wards, Downhall & Rawreth, and Grange.

2) Downhall & Rawreth Ward would be based on the existing ward that Chris Black and Ron Oatham represent. However it would GAIN all of the Victoria Avenue area but would LOSE the Deepdene Avenue area. It would have a slightly lower population than other wards but this is to allow for population growth here in accordance with the council’s development strategy! Grange Ward would be based on the existing Grange ward, but would gain most of the existing Sweyne Park Ward (excluding the Victoria Avenue area) and also gain the Deepdene Avenue area from Downhall & Rawreth.

props map 2

props map 3
Deepdene Avenue area


Victoria Avenue area (click to enlarge)
Victoria Avenue area (click to enlarge)

3). The boundaries of each parish would stay the same. Rawreth parish would stay the same size; so would Rayleigh . But Rayleigh Town Council would get a new mix of Town Council wards. For example Grange ward would have four Town councillors , what is currently Downhall would be renamed Sweyne Park and have two, a little ward based around Deepdene would have one and a new ward around Victoria Avenue would have one.

props box 1

4) If you want to object to any of this, or suggest improvements or alterations , you can do so. The commission actually has quite a good record of listening to sensible suggestions. You can do this online and draw your own maps here. For example, residents in the Deepdene Avenue might prefer to stay in Downhall and Rawreth ward.

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  • How much would it cost to open a polling station properly manned to have an election voting in 1 town councillor for a small ward. Or would one station be used for several wards? This assumes a contested ward. Think it may not be a good idea to have single member wards for this reason, but if they are good why not have 23 single member wards which would be far more democratic and make us, i.e. Town Councillors more accountable and better placed to serve our ward because I assume we would actually live in them.

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