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The atmosphere at all the Olympic venues has been friendly and thrilling – Hadleigh should be no exception! Here’s some advice from the Essex Police website on how to have a trouble-free day:


There is no parking at the venue or in the surrounding areas so think about using the park and ride or travelling by train. The park and ride service will be running from New Holland tractor plant in Cranes Farm Road, Basildon and the recommended train station is Leigh on Sea. The park and ride is no longer running from Waterside Park on Canvey Island.

Clothing and footwear

There is a lot of walking to be done at Hadleigh Farm and there are lots of steep climbs, loose stones and gravel at the venue so sensible sturdy footwear is essential. Heeled shoes and flip-flops are not suitable. Be prepared for the possibility of wet or hot weather.


LOCOG has provided every ticket holder with advice around what items can and can?t be taken into the venue so take the time to read it in advance. There are restrictions around taking liquids in to Hadleigh Farm so think about taking an empty water bottle which you can fill up once you are inside and have passed through security. No alcohol is allowed on site either.


While we don?t anticipate theft, it can?t be ruled out so keep personal possessions like mobile phones and cameras safe. Keep an eye on your children too ? don?t let them get lost in the crowd.
Essex Police

Assistant Chief Constable Sue Harrison said: ?Hadleigh Farm is a great venue and we want everyone to enjoy their Olympic experience, but there is some advice we?d like people to follow.

?We?d like everyone to make sure they have plenty of time to reach the venue and to have planned their journey.

“Hadleigh Farm is quite a bumpy and hilly area.
There are lots of steep climbs, loose stones and gravel so the important thing is to wear decent sturdy footwear.

“Make sure you are ready to deal with the weather too. It?s a very exposed location and there?s very little cover if it is a hot day.
?I would also ask that everyone reads the information with their tickets to prevent any misunderstandings on the day. LOCOG has provided every ticket holder with advice about what kinds of items can and can?t be taken into the venue. There are particular issues with carrying liquids in so the best advice is to take an empty bottle and fill it up once you?ve passed through security.

?Make sure you plan well, have a great day and enjoy the Olympics in Essex.?

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